Providing what the world needs, through rare-metal recycling

Selenium is commonly used to colorize or decolorize glass, refine manganese, or in solar panels and special-purpose lenses due to its semiconductive and optical characteristics.
In addition, selenium is an essential mineral used in many things from supplements to fertilizer.
At Shinko Chemical, we began selenium recovery and refining in 1945, and have a wide-range of selenium products.


SeO2Selenium Dioxide
Selenium Dioxide
Na2SeO3Sodium Selenite
Sodium Selenite
Na2SeO4Solidum Selenate
Solidum Selenate
BaSeO3Barium Selenite
Barium Selenite
BaSeO4Barium Selenate
Barium Selenate
Bi2Se3Bismuth Selenium
Bismuth Selenium
Cu2SeCupper Selenide
Copper Selenide