A Message from Our President


We at Shinko Chemical Co., Ltd. have strived from our establishment to provide the world with desirable products from undesirable or unused materials. Through our business, we recover rare metals from industrial waste, while also detoxifying the waste to prevent environmental contamination.

Our key products including vanadium, selenium and tellurium follow our business concept above. Recovered rare metals are refined, put through special processes such as chlorination, creating high purity and highly efficient products used in niche markets across the world, as catalysts in the petrochemical industry or materials for electronics.

The world is currently shifting directions to focus more on environmental protection, and companies are tasked with becoming carbon neutral or go through digital transformations.

Shinko Chemical will continue to be a manufacturing company that uses its proprietary recycling technology to adapt to the changing market needs and provide high value-added products that strike a balance to meet the industry’s needs as well as the environment’s needs.

We hope for your continued guidance and support of Shinko Chemical for many years to come.


Eishi Izutani


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