Sakai Coastal Plant


Adapting to diversifying needs with our propriety technology

We export high purity rare metals all over the world using our proprietary recycling technology


At our Sakai Coastal plant, located at the heart of Sakai’s waterfront industrial zone in Dejima, we manufacture vanadium compounds from heavy oil ash (electrostatic precipitator ash) and heavy oil combustion residue (boiler slag) through material recycling and also conduct detoxification of industrial waste.

Heavy oil ash and heavy oil combustion residue contain nickel in addition to vanadium, which we recover to sell as materials for ferronickel. In addition, we also manufacture vanadium oxytrichloride, used as ethylene propylene rubber catalysts and vanadium tetrachloride chlorides.

In order to better meet our customer’s demands, we utilize our chloride technology to produce various high purity metal chlorides, and have also recently begun test production of lithium titanate battery materials.