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Indium tin oxide (ITO) transparent conductive film is widely used in TVs and LCDs.
Indium metal has a low melting point of 156℃, making it a common safe alternative to lead as a fusible alloy or solder.


In2O3Indium Oxide
Indium Oxide
In(OH)3Indium Hydroxide
Indium Hydroxide
In2(SO4)39H2OIndium Sulfate
Indium Sulfate
In(NO3)34.5H2OIndium Nitrate
Indium Nitrate
InCl3Indium Chloride
Indium Chloride
In(C8H15O2)3Indium Octylate
Indium Octylate
In(C2H3O2)3Indium Acetate
Indium Acetate